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Fidato Wealth Assessments

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  • Appointment Start times are available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm Eastern. By scheduled appointment only. There is no charge for the assessment.

FAQs on Assessments

Why is there no charge for an assessment?

We are selective about who we work with. We are willing to complete an assessment at no charge to allow adequate time to get to know each other, and mutually determine if there is a good fit as defined by the following:

  1. There is open and positive communication and collaboration founded on mutual respect.
  1. The client’s goals are obtainable, and they want to be proactive to reach their goals.
  1. We believe that we can deliver value to the client through our services.
  1. The potential client meets the investable asset level requirement:
    1. Wealth Management Division – $1,000,000 or greater
    2. Financial Planning Division – $500,000 or greater

*An exception to the minimums above is for the adult children of an existing client. We are honored when clients refer their adult children to us. We have assisted many of these “early starters” with guidance that has put them on their way to financial success!

Our goal is to help our clients achieve the greatest degree of financial reliability and prosperity, while providing them a high level of service. These requirements allow us to accomplish that objective.


Why aren’t appointments offered for evenings or weekends?

Our advisors proactively develop and manage client’s financial plans, as well as monitor their investments. Many of these important responsibilities occur during market hours. Our team works diligently during market hours to help our clients achieve the greatest degree of financial prosperity. We believe that our team’s evening and weekend time should be spent with their families so that they can be rested and best able to focus on your financial goals during the daytime hours.