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Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Owning a business is very rewarding, and we understand the sacrifices and risks you have faced along the way. That is why we focus on helping you both grow and protect your assets.

Whether it’s helping you plan your personal investing strategy, or finding a cost efficient and tax advantaged savings plan for your business, we will assist you in determining an optimal strategy for your situation. We take a comprehensive, big picture view to ensure your personal and business planning are working together towards your goals.

Skilled wealth advisors do more than just provide advice on investing and financial planning. An experienced advisor is very important in the pre-deal preparation stage to helping you determine the minimum amount of after tax proceeds that is needed from the transaction to sustain a post transition lifestyle. We work closely with the accountant and attorney in the pre-deal phase to make sure the transaction structure is established to maximize the after tax proceeds, all in order to meet your life and legacy goals.

We will also help you plan for the transaction proceeds, provide investment options and effectively establish your estate plan. Let Fidato Wealth’s expertise with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs help you optimize your life and legacy goals.

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